It is All Estate "Planning

Most people hear the words Estate Planning and think that it is for only high income or net worth individuals.  The reality is that Estate Planning is for everyone and everyone does it.  The only difference is the the ones that do it right, get the results they intend.  

A lot of people “plan” by doing nothing.  These people basically plan on their estate being divided how lawmakers decide.  Others believe that a trust is not necessary and only a will is necessary.  These planners overlook the disclosure of personal information and burden probate can put on their families.  Still others have an estate plan drawn up, but fail to properly execute and fund it.  They plan on a fall back position of having the state distribute their assets.  Finally, there are those that have an estate plan drafted, executed, and funded.  They plan on and are in control over how their estates are handled.  

My point is simple.  No matter what you choose to do, you are Estate Planning.  The results in most instances are not within your control.  Put yourself in control over your estate and spare you loved ones more stress and uncertainty.  Realize that if you are Estate Planning, you might as well do it so you get the results you intend.

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