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Mortgage Company Damage Worse Than Actual Hurricane Damage

With the recent hurricane activity damaging so many properties, those people who suffered damage are grateful for their insurance coverage.  But what often happens is that their mortgage company gets involved, and the hurricane is the least of their problems.

A client whose home got damaged in a hurricane thought it would be nothing more than an inconvenience to get the property repaired.

Vulnerable Adults Rights May Be Getting Ignored Because of Their Disabilities

Vulnerable Residents Are Owed Protection

          Mom is in an assisted living facility to help her with her dementia and is a “vulnerable person” under the law (MCL 400.11(f).)  Late one night, the staff in the home finds another resident in her room attempting to engage in sex with mom.  …

It is All Estate "Planning"

Most people hear the words Estate Planning and think that it is for only high income or net worth individuals.  The reality is that Estate Planning is for everyone and everyone does it.  The only difference is the the ones that do it right, get the results they intend.  

A lot of people “plan” by doing nothing.  …

Dr. King Would Agree with SCOTUS Ruling

Many may view yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on Michigan’s affirmative action ban as a setback, but an honest evaluation shows that it is a fair application of equal rights.  Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King famously stated "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  …

Privacy, an Opportunity for a New Economy

The internet has made information, entertainment, and communication more readily accessible than at any point in history.  Each day the reach of the internet and its benefits grow.  The economic models that drove down the perceived cost of the internet have driven this growth.  

Early economic models were based on "walled gardens" in which users paid fees to access information aggregated by an internet service provider.  …

Consumers are Protected by Trademarks

Trademarks are the words, slogans, logos, package design, or trade dress that is used to identify or distinguish a company's product.  Trademarks are a form of property that is commonly thought to protect the corporate owner and limit competition.  However, in reality trademarks help customers as well as the owner of the mark.  

Privacy at Work? ... Not Really.

Social media and mobile technology is everywhere, including in the workplace.  Workers are using their personal devices for work and work devices for personal issues.  This trend is being driven by consumerization, when employees use consumer technology as a replacement for their company issued computer or phone.    

If Vaccines are so Safe, Why Do They Need Government Immunity?

Congress passed the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in response to the increase in litigation against manufacturers that had led to shortages of certain vaccines.  In 2011, the Supreme Court held in Bruesewitz that the NCVIA is the sole remedy for claims related to vaccine injuries.  …

Special Education in Michigan

School districts in Michigan are struggling to find ways to meet the needs of students.  Special education students pose a big problem districts because the funding received by the district does not meet the cost of providing services.  With the cost for educating an impaired child well over $30k annually and funding not matching that cost the districts look for costs savings.  …

Telecom Terms that Become Expenses

Telecommunications are a necessary service for businesses of all sizes.  Contract negotiations often focus on discounts and business terms and overlook terms that can eat up negotiated savings later.  

Carriers will use their standard contract templates that often include language that requires a annual revenue commitment (ARC).  …

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